Protecting the community from communicable diseases requires prompt reporting, assessment and prevention education. Mid-Michigan District Health Department employs professionals who are responsible for these activities. Public Health Nurses and Epidemiologist investigate reported communicable disease cases. They present their investigation to the Medical Director who will recommend appropriate prevention and follow-up needed to prevent the spread of the disease in the community. This team of professionals is very effective in controlling the spread of communicable diseases in the community.

In Michigan the Public Health Code requires that all health care providers (physicians, physicians assistants, nurses, laboratories, etc.) report specific diseases/organisms to the local health department. Schools are required to report any “unusual occurrence or outbreak” of any disease or infection to the local health department. In the following are the phone numbers through which you can reach our communicable disease professionals for disease reporting or questions:

Clinton County   Gratiot County   Montcalm County
Becky Stoddard Lisa Mikesell Dena Kent
989-227-3111 989-875-1019  989-831-3615


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