Long Term Birth Control

Long Term Birth Control Is The Right Choice For Me,
And It Can Be For You Too!

What Is Long-Term Birth Control?

Long-term birth control is a low-maintenance birth control that’s non-daily, over 99% effective, and is reversible when you are ready to start a family.

Mid-Michigan District Health Department, in partnership with Shiawassee County Health Department, serves teens and adults for their reproductive health needs in a four county area, Montcalm, Gratiot, Clinton and Shiwassee Counties.  Our Nurse Practitioner will discuss all birth control options with you in a confidential manner.  For many individuals who want long-term birth control options, intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implants are great options.  These devices do not contain any estrogen, which makes them a great option for individuals who’ve had negative experiences with other types of hormonal birth control.  Even better, both devices are easily removed.

The cost of long-term birth control depends on your insurance or ability to pay.  You may be able to get long-term birth control at low or no cost.  Contact our office for more details!

Are you ready for something that's as effective as the pill, but without the daily hassle? Call to schedule your free, confidential family planning appointment at 1-833-220-3200!

MMDHD Birth Control

"I enjoy school and the sports I am active in. There are so many things on my mind that I don't want to forget when to take my birth control."

For many, long-term birth control offers protection from an unintended pregnancy without the need for daily reminders. No more worrying if you forget to take a pill!

One of the other major benefits for individuals is that long-term birth control is reversible and is the most cost-effective option in preventing pregnancy.  Both IUDs and implants have a failure rate of less than 1%!

"I'm proud to be a young Mom, but I'm not ready for another child. Long-term birth control fits into my family planning schedule. "

Already a Mom but not ready for another child? Are you older and looking for a different birth control option?

For many, long-term birth control (an implant or an IUD) is the best way to help prevent an unwanted pregnancy and is a good fit for their family planning schedule.

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