Family Planning

Family Planning &
Reproductive Health

The Family Planning Program provides affordable reproductive health services for everybody.

Education is an important part of helping you make a choice about birth control. We’ll help you learn more about your reproductive health care and the methods of birth control available. Methods include abstinence, condoms, spermicide, birth control pills, Depo-Provera, Nuva Rings, Ortho-Evra, Nexplanon (Implant) and IUD's. Learn more about our long-term birth control options

MMDHD Family Planning

While services and supplies are not free, the total charge is based on your income. Therefore, your level of income is requested at each visit so we can assure you receive the best discount available each and every time. Service is not denied because of an inability to pay.

We Also Offer:

• Pregnancy Testing
• STD Treatment and Education
• Emergency Contraception

Wrapped Up

Program goals: Increase the availability of free condoms, promote condom use in young adults, decrease rates of STIs and decrease rates of unplanned pregnancies.

Male condoms are one of the most popular forms of birth control, with an effective rate of over 95% when used correctly and consistently. They protect against sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and don’t require a prescription. But, despite condoms’ popularity and effectiveness, many teens and young adults say barriers, like cost, embarrassment and access stand in their way of regularly obtaining them.

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Our Wrapped Up program aims to remove these barriers and decrease rates of STIs and unplanned pregnancies by partnering with area businesses to provide Wrapped Up packets where young people shop, eat and receive services.  Each Wrapped Up packet contains 16 condoms, lubricant, and information on MMDHD family planning services and participating locations.

Is your business interested in participating in Wrapped Up? Contact us at 616-788-3862!

Free condoms are available at any MMDHD branch office, as well as off-site clinics.

Participating Locations:


Mid-Michigan District Health Department
1307 E. Townsend Road, St. Johns


Mid-Michigan District Health Department
151 Commerce Drive, Ithaca
Alma Family Practice
1335 Pine Avenue, Alma


Mid-Michigan District Health Department
615 N. State Street, Stanton
Cherry Health-Montcalm Area Health Center
1003 N. Lafayette Street, Greenville
Sparrow Medical Group
1014 E. Washington Street, Greenville

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