Environmental Services

Environmental Health Services

Environmental HealthThe Environmental Health Division (EH) has the duty of enforcing environment-related laws to protect the health of residents within the Health District's jurisdiction. The division's programs include the following:

Body Art - assuring proper licensing for body art establishments.

Food Service  - assuring a safe, clean food inspection and education.

Recycling - ensuring a safe, clean environment.

Tobacco Free - ensuring the health of our community residents.

Drinking water -

Septic - assuring the proper disposal of human wastewater to prevent the spread of disease and viral infection.

Environmental Health Fee Schedule

Environmental Health Regulation Handbook

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Environmental Health Applications and Forms

The following forms can be printed, filled out and sent in to save you time of applying in person. Please follow the instructions closely if instructions are attached.

You will need to download Acrobat Reader to view the forms properly. Please download the free Acrobat Reader by clicking on the graphic down below and then come back to open the forms. Please remember: you can adjust the font size of what you are viewing by using the little window on the toolbar.

DISCLAIMER: Fees on the following forms are subject to change at any time. Please always check the FEE SCHEDULE for up-to-date charges.

Well and Septic Forms

Food Licensing Application Forms