HIV Testing & Counseling

HIV/STD Testing & Counseling

Know your status! It is recommended that everyone be tested at least once, more if sexually active, for HIV and STDs. MMDHD offers confidential testing and treatment. For more information or to schedule your testing appointment, please call:

Clinton County: 989-227-3111
Gratiot County: 989-875-1019
Montcalm County: 989-831-3615


Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Program

Confidential testing, treatment and education for sexually transmitted diseases is provided for both adults and teens. Partner notification services are also provided.  Male and female testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases is available at low cost.  Clients will not be denied services based on ability to pay.

STD testing is private and confidential. While parent participation is encouraged, teens under 18 can seek STD treatment without parent consent. If you are concerned that you may have and STD, please call us to make an appointment. Once you are here, we can make a diagnosis, treat any infection, and help you stay healthy in the future.

Clinton County: 989-224-2195
Gratiot County: 989-875-3681
Montcalm County: 989-831-5237