Communicable Disease Program

Communicable Disease Program (CD)

Our Communicable Disease program investigates diseases to prevent spread in the community, informs those who may have been exposed, and provides consultations to schools and childcare centers.

CD Nurse

To report a Communicable Disease, or for any questions, contact one of our CD Nurses below:

Clinton County CD Nurse:
Becky Stoddard
Office: (989) 227-3111
Fax: (989) 227-3126

Gratiot County CD Nurse:
Lisa Mikesell
Office: (989) 875-1019
Fax: (989) 875-1032

Montcalm County CD Nurse:
Jennifer Johnson
Office: (989) 831-3615
Fax: (989) 831-3666

For after hours emergencies, please call: (989) 276-0260.