Remodeling Food Business

New or Remodeling Food Business

Interested in construction a food service establishment or possibly remodeling an existing one?  Our services don’t just start when the facility is ready to open.  The Food Law of 2000 as amended requires plan reviews for all new and remodeled food service establishments.  Plan review is not required for vending machines or temporary food licenses.

The goal of plan review is to make sure the proposed menu, facilities, procedures, and intended volume of foods to be served will meet the food code requirements before the construction or remodeling is even started.  Plan review is characterized by the process of submitting plans, receiving feedback, and providing additional information or adjusting plans.  It is easier to change the proposed facility on paper than during or after the construction/remodeling has started.

MMDHD is frequently asked about the timeframe for the plan review process.  The time from when a plan review is initially submitted until it is approved varies greatly from one establishment to the next.  The Food Law of 2000 as amended gives the health department 30 working days to review a complete plan review submittal.  When the plans are submitted incomplete or changed the 30 day maximum review time will be based on when the revised plans or information is received.  MMDHD continues to strive to make the process as quick as possible, however it is important that the plan review is started well before and proposed work is started to avoid delays.

Below are the documents that make up a plan review packet.  This packet provides the forms, instructions, and guidance for the plan review process.  We recommend reviewing the plan review information here and contacting us about specific questions about a proposed business or remodeling.

Plan review packet

Fixed Food Establishment / Restaurant

Transitory Food Unit (TFU) / Food Truck

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