Introduction to
       Varnish! Michigan

The Michigan Department of Community Health is proud to present Varnish! Michigan

Varnish! Michigan is a fluoride varnish program targeting Early Head Start and Head Start children in the State of Michigan.  Through a generous donation from Delta Dental of Michigan the Department of Community Health, Oral Health, is focusing on prevention.  Dollars spent on prevention of disease are more effectively and efficiently used as a public health measure to manage chronic disease.

     It is the goal of the Varnish! Michigan program to provide early prevention to stop and lessen the effects of dental disease to children 0-5 years of age enrolled in an Early Head Start or Head Start program in Michigan.  Dental disease begins in many children around 18 months of age.  The Varnish! Michigan program will help provide the first opportunity for dental care and the preventive benefits of fluoride varnish.  Through  dental screenings, parent education, and fluoride varnish applications these children will be given the opportunity to reduce dental disease and develop good oral health habits to last a lifetime.

     The Varnish! Michigan program is hoping to sustain programs throughout Michigan and expand to reach other children at well baby check ups and through the WIC program.  Efforts must continually be made to reach the most vulnerable children who face the most significant barriers to oral health care.  Dental decay does not have to be the most common chronic disease of childhood.  Providing these at risk children with the proven effective benefits of fluoride varnish will significantly reduce dental decay in Michigan.